Mohammad Imran Pratapgarhi Urdu: محمّد عمران خان‎ Hindi: इमरान प्रतापगढ़ी originally known as Mohammad Imran Khan is a famed Urdu language and Hindi language Poet who has gained prominence among the audience through his revolutionary poems. The three times National Award Winner for debate and poetry, he has a firm belief in following his heart. His work has a dominance in framing verses for sharp socio-political distortions, country- love, brotherhood and religious – social harmony fragrance broke.

Early Life

Mohammed Imran Khan was born on 6 August 1987 in Pratapgarh City of Uttar Pradesh, India to Sazida Khan and Mohammed Iliyas Khan and eight other siblings.His mother Sazida Khan is a housewife who is simple and kind hearted woman and father Mohammed Iliyas Khan is a Doctor by profession. Imran spent his childhood in various cities of Uttar Pradesh and later he relocated to Allahabad for completing his graduation from Allahabad University, Imran is now pursuing his Ph.D in poetry. His native place Pratapgarh gives him the title of Imran Pratapgarhi.


Imran is bestowed with a passion for creativity since his childhood hence, from his teenage days he started contributing his skills and time in literary sources. Initiated poem writing from class five, he also performed various stage shows. His dedication lead him to gain recognition and he became a word of mouth among the public since April 2005. Known for his urdu language and hindi language poems and shayaris, Imran’s power packed speeches have let him won accolades on a global platform. Not only he has won hearts of Indian audience but also among the gatherings of United States, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan and many European Countries.

Hobbies & Interests

Mohd. Imran Khan has a core interest in reading books and novels. Apart from reading he likes to play badminton in his leisure time and loves horse riding. His soft soul allows him for charity in which he finds the true happiness.

Awards and Nominations

The three time National Award Winner for debate and poetry

  • Yash Bharti Award 2016 – highest Award of Uttar Pradesh Government
  • Prakhar Media Prakashan Award 2005
  • Prakhar Media Prakashan Awa
  • rd 2009Firaq Gorakhpuri Award 2007